Laser Cutting

  • Stainless steel till 15 mm.
  • Steel till 20 mm.
  • Aliuminium till 10 mm.
  • Max. sheet dimensions 1500×3000 mm.

From small to big part quantities – quickly, accurately and reliably! Laser cutting, compared with other material cutting technology has a number of advantages: speed, ultra thin cut line, minimal heataffected zone can produce highly complex circuits, high-quality, smooth cut. Cutting-laser to play not only large, but also the individual orders the same at the lowest cost, and favorable terms. Laser cutting opens unlimited possibilities for the production of complex shapes and many areas that require precision.


  • Stainless steel till 3 mm.
  • Steel till 3 mm.
  • Aliuminium till 3 mm.
  • Max. sheet dimensions 1500×3000 mm.
Perforating presses are designed specifically to quickly and accurately produce the largest number of holes per hit – making them the most efficient and therefore the most economical in producing perforated parts. Programmed metal perforating services with the possibility to chose the perforated hole diameters and form according to the individual customer needs.

Steel Trimming

  • Stainless steel till 3 mm.
  • Steel till 3 mm.
  • Aliuminium till 3 mm.
Guillotine shears helps to save time and cost in the simple straight line metal cutting tasks.

Tube Cutting/Bending

We cut various thicknesses, diameters and lengths tubes in the wide range of angles. In order to save the customer’s time we store most of the tubes at our warehouse. Possibility to bend tubes of different shapes and metals: square, rectangular and oval tubes made from stainless and black metals.


Removal of the weld seams, preparation for the painting, making the entire part surface structure. Also, we are able to mirror polish stainless steel parts.


Metal pipe and metal sheet rolling, sheet thickness till 8 mm thin cut line.


  • Root welding
  • Contact welding
  • Stainless steel till 10 mm.
  • Steel till 15 mm.

We have a team of skilled and certified welders with many years of experience to perform various welding tasks. We weld from the smallest to the big products from steel, stainless steel and aluminum.


Universal turning machines are capable of turning metal pieces of both simple and sophisticated configurations.

Sheet Bending Press

  • Stainless steel till 10 mm.
  • Steel till 15 mm.
  • Aluminum till 10 mm.
  • Section Height 2 m.
  • Section Length 3 m.

Bending press accomplishes the bending of different metal sheets in the different radiuses and forms. The high quality equipment allows an accurate bending only with 0.5 degree deviance.

Powder Coating

  • Colors can be selected from the RAL palette
  • Possible surface: glossy, matt, structured
  • Drying chambers: 4000x1500x2000 (length x width x height)
Powder coating is an environmentally friendly high-performance protective polymer coating technology. After coating products are perfectly UV resistant and cannot be affected by the large temperature fluctuations, chemically aggressive conditions and their layer is resistant to hits.


Drilling of metal pipes and sheets involves radical and desktop machines, as well as handwork. The process of drilling, perforation, widening holes and shaping new ones, admitting screws and shaping thread channel can be done either by machines or by hand. It is possible to drill holes and M24 threads sizing from 1mm to 40 mm.


  • Electrical parts
  • Separate product parts
  • Final product
  • OEM
  • Packing
Asembly and packing from the smallest components to the large parts of the finished product according to the customer requirements. Electrical part installation, documentation preparation. Ability to assemble products with your brand according to the strictest requirements. Our Design team helps to create best solutions and design for the product packing.


  • Product design and development according to the individual customer needs
  • Drawings and documentation preparation
  • Product installation and preparation for the mass production
  • New construction modeling and improvement according the analogues
Our engineers together with the project managers are ready to create and offer for our clients various individually created products which perfectly satisfy their needs. Programs used by our team, allows to present for our client very realistic visual prototypes until they becomes a products.

Supply Chain Management

At the customers request our company can purchase and collect all necessary product component parts. We have also developed our sub – suppliers network which helps for us with the processes which we don’t have ourselves. Reducing the number of suppliers for our clients helps to save costs and time.

Subcontracting Services Of Metal Processing

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