Ice Banks

Unit Description

Ice bank is an insulated tank with built in serpentines pipes heat-exchanger from stainless steel and air agitation system. Ice bank technology is based on accumulating cooling capacity using ice and icy water at night time and surrender this capacity during process or peak period. Good thermal properties of insulation ensure long time on cooling capacity storage. Ice Bank can be supplied with or without cooling unit and pump station.

This cooling technology is high performance; it cools considerable quantities of water and enables the dispensing temperature to be kept constant even when continuously dispensing many litres.

The “ice bank” cooling system consists of a stainless steel coil and a copper coil immersed in a reservoir full of water. The copper coil containing the refrigerant gas freezes the water contained within the reservoir producing a cold supply, which in turn cools the drinking water flowing through the stainless steel coil. In this way the water cooler offers greater performance and in particular it ensures the hygiene and quality of the water which is continuously flowing and never still in the reservoir.

Recently, the ice bank has been completely redesigned and equipped with technical features offering enhanced efficiency and performance. The new design allows for space optimization and an increase in the thermal exchange surface, so as to increase the production of ice within the reservoir and hence the cooling capacity.

Ice Banks

  • Release date: 2016-02-23
  • Language: EN
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