DM20 Model


  • Doors are made for cold rooms with temperature from 0°C up to -20°C;
  • Standard door surface is made from a painted metal sheet, covered
  • (0.5 mm) with polyester;
  • Doors are Injected with polyurethane foam insulation (43kg/m3) which is 92 mm in thickness;
  • Doors have a parametrical sealing gasket which is equipped with a heating cable and a lock that can open the door from inside in case of an emergency. Door hinges can be regulated and are equipped with a function that allows to raise the door when opened;
  • These doors use thresholds of specific types: X1 and X3*;
  • Surface material of the door can be stainless steel or fiberglass;
  • Door frame is made from plastic profile which is thermo-welded (45°) up to a thickness of 80-120 mm;
  • Biggest door dimensions can be 1500 mm (3000 mm for double blade doors) in width and 2500 mm in height.

Cold Room Doors Catalogue

  • Release date: 2019-03-21
  • Language: EN/RU
Painted metal sheet covered with polyester

Stainless steel

Fiberglass reinforced
Frame model: E

Frame model: B
Threshold model: X1

Threshold model: X3
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