B Case Condensing Units

Unit Description

Condensing units are designed to satisfy the needs of medium-sized commercial or industrial air conditioning systems. Our units are equipped with high efficiency scroll compressors and work on R410A refrigerant which does not contribute to ozone depletion. The latest Scroll® compressors provide the highest annual energy efficiency levels, due to ESEER up to 4, along with superior reliability. When combined with EC high efficiency fans and oversized condenser coil the unit delivers the lowest annual electricity bills.

Bcase line condensing units are designed for operating in +46°C – +5°C ambient temperature range with basic unit equipment. Also we provide a variety of options which can improve an air conditioning system work.

Basic Unit Equipment

  • Polymer powder coated sheet steel casing with condenser protection grid
  • Plastic locks and hinges
  • Scroll compressor with crankcase heater
  • Copper aluminium fin condenser
  • High efficiency AC axial fans
  • Cartridge pressostats on HP/LP lines
  • Pressure gauges on HP/LP lines
  • Electric panel includes phase rotation and phase loss monitoring relay, compressor and fan motor overheat protection, contactor and main switch

Additional Options

  • Suction line shut-off valve with service valve
  • Fans with permanent magnet motor, reduces energy consumption and noise level
  • Liquid receiver with shut-off valve on outlet and pressure relief valve
  • Filter drier, sight glass and shut-off valve on liquid line
  • Check valve on condensing line stops unwanted migration of refrigerant from liquid receiver to condenser
  • Fan speed control provides operation down to -10°C

Technical Data

B Case1E920D1E922D1E925D2E926D2E927D2E928D2E929D2E931D2E932D
Cooling capacity*kW5,927,5812,2515,1017,2019,6520,9023,7030,50
Unit power consumptionkW2,252,734,495,256,096,847,408,508,83
ConnectionsLiquid lineØ mm121212161616181818
Suction lineØ mm18182222222222835
Electrical characteristicsPower supplyV/Ph/Hz380-420/3/50
Max. operating currentA5,887,6811,4814,1617,3617,3618,5620,5623,96
Starting currentA29,1839,1852,6866,3677,36103,36103,36130,36141,36
Sound pressure**STDdB(A)393940434343444444
Unit Weight***kg99100114169169169170192191
B Case4E933D4E934D3E934D3E935D4D936D
Cooling capacity*kW32,1035,8036,3042,1054,70
Unit power consumptionkW11,5413,0812,2114,1618,48
ConnectionsLiquid lineØ mm2222222222
Suction lineØ mm3535353535
Electrical characteristicsPower supplyV/Ph/Hz380-420/3/50
Max. operating currentA29,7235,7234,5437,5444,72
Starting currentA122,72144,68143,54177,54229,72
Sound pressure**STDdB(A)4848454551
Unit Weight***kg233236262262324
* Calculations made due to +6​°C evaporating and +35°C ambient temperatures
** Sound pressure level measured at 10 m from the unit according to ISO 3744
*** Basic equipment unit weight

Hydraulic Diagram Of The Unit

B Case
Condensing Unit

  • Release date: 2015-03-05
  • Language: EN

B Case - Condensing Unit For Refrigeration

  • Release date: 2015-01-16
  • Language: EN

B Case Condensing Unit for Air Handling Unit

  • Release date: 2013-11-08
  • Language: EN
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